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6th November 2013


Homestuck OTP Playlist: Open for Business!

HSOTPlaylist is now live!

If you wanna check it out, follow the link above.

I’m probably not really going to come back to check on this url in the foreseeable future, so please direct any asks to the new location.

Thanks for sticking with me for so long, everyone! Even if you don’t come along for the rest of the ride, know that it really meant something to me that anyone followed this blog at all! <3

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6th November 2013


Blog is Moving!

This page is deeeaaaad and I am very sorry about that.

As I mentioned back in September (oh my gosh that’s a long time ago gOMEN) I’m going to change up the formula around here to make the place more active and worthwhile. I’ve given it quite a bit of thought and I think the best route is thus:

  1. I’m starting from scratch, not just changing the url.

    Which means you’ll have to go follow the new blog if you want to stick with me. (But this place’ll be largely abandoned so you can unfollow if you wanna.) There are a couple of reasons for this, probably the most important being that it’ll be attached to my main blog and I’ll be able to check up on it without having to log in with a different e-mail address. I’ll get any asks/submissions promptly this way, and I’ll see all of the notes as they come in more conveniently. :3

  2. I’m going to open up submissions.

    Things are undeniably slow with just me doing the work, and I doubt that’ll change just because the site got a makeover. I want to see what everyone else gets inspired to draw and write! My art kinda mostly sucks anyway so yay better art! Hopefully this will grab the attention of enough people to keep a fairly steady stream of content flowing in.

  3. The new blog will be open to ALL Homestuck pairings.

    Much as I’d love to run an awesome all-JohnKat blog, I think it’ll just be easier to keep updated regularly if everyone can get in on the fun. More content = much good.
    (And hey, maybe if it gets popular enough we can branch out to more urls dedicated to specific pairings later.)

Again, if anyone has any suggestions/questions, feel free to ask me. (I’ll be more likely to see it promptly if you send it to my main: TheTytoalba, but I’ll check here too just to make sure.)

It may take me a few hours to get everything set up (and it’ll probably look pretty crappy for a while longer because I’m terrible with themes) but I’ll make another post here on johnkatplaylist when I’ve got the new location up and running!

Thanks for your patience and support, everyone!

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6th November 2013


Anonymous said: hey, i've been meaning to ask this ever since you posted your last two posts, but I never got round to it and promptly forgot, but, is it okay for us to suggest a song/pairing (assuming the all otp thing is a thing now) and then you draw something based on the song and pairing? this from someone who is not good enough at the art to be able to do that themselves, I can totally understand if this would be an inconvenience to you though

Oh holy frick someone actually sent me something and I didn’t answer it I AM SO SORRY IT DIDN’T SHOW UP THAT I HAD ANY MESSAGES DGHFKDHHJK. This reply is probably weeks late by now and you might not even see this auuggh I’m a horrible blog-runner, sorry. (I won’t be this bad with the new blog because it’ll be a side-blog to my main account. I won’t have to log in with a separate email address to check up on things like I do over here. T-T)

But as for your question: uh, maybe? I could try to do that, but it would depend on the prompt, I suppose (I’m not very confident in my own artistic abilities tbh), and how often such prompts would come in. BUT, I think I’m going to go the “let people submit their own art too” route, so if I felt it was beyond my own abilities, I could definitely make a post to let other artists know about the request!

23rd September 2013



I don’t know how I’ll EVER get around to reading all these replies!

Shucks, I guess that’s what I get for asking people to send me feedback, though!

No really though, if no one says anything in the next few days, I’m just going to have to wing it and hope I don’t screw it up and lose everyone’s interest (I somehow have over 20 followers, so obviously some of you think that this is a worthwhile blog!).

21st September 2013

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Future Plans



This blog is extremely neglected, which makes me sad and ashamed.

I’ve been thinking about:

a) expanding the subject matter of the page to a general “OTPplaylist”, in which case there would still be JohnKat but other pairings would be a thing as well

b) in addition to my own rare contributions, opening up and posting submissions (i.e. YOU hear a song, YOU are reminded of your OTP, YOU draw or write [or… sing? or… whatever!] something awesome and it gets posted here)

c) both of these things?


Does this sound like a good idea or a terrible idea?

No matter what, the blog’s getting a makeover and I’ll go through and clean out superfluous posts and make the “rules” more clear, etc.

Message me what you think, please.

(Side note: I don’t think I’d have problems keeping up with submissions. I do have free time—I just doesn’t update this place because I spend that time on the internet instead of drawing. In case that was a worry.)

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20th September 2013

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7th July 2013

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Oh my good gracious look who just rose from the dead. It’s me. Sorry ‘bout the unannounced hiatus; I’ll try not to be away for so long in the future. ;-; Have a fic.

(This story doesn’t really have that much to do with the song, but the idea totally came from my brain interpreting the lyrics into JohnKat, just trust me on this.)

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20th May 2013

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(Blog is not dead! I am home from school and have been for over a week so I should have something soon if I can manage to stay off of tumblr for more than five minutes at a time and actually start on something.)

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25th April 2013

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(Aghdfskhdksfgjlkd I come back to check up on things and find I’ve been reblogged on featherbent-fanworks and communist-teenage-boys. Fivetail’s the best and my life might be complete.)

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17th April 2013

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Oh look, actual JohnKat this time. &lt;3&#160;don’tlookattheirfacesthey’rehideous
Need another Homestuck fan-project to pass the time with during the hiatus? GO PLAY AND SUPPORT FEATHERBENT. It&#8217;s the best AU.
The. Absolute. BEST. AU.
I cheated again and wasn&#8217;t inspired by a randomly-selected song. But I HAVE been listening to the Featherbent menu screen music on loop for hours at a time pretty much every day this week. So that half-counts, I think.
Now then, are you ready for a rare and dangerous 2X JOHNKAT COMBO???
Yes? Good. Have a (very cheesy, much-longer-than-anticipated) fanfic under the cut.

“Don’t Look Down”

“If you’re not a part of one of the Hunter classes, then just be a Perch. I know plenty of redwings.”
Karkat stared at the man in disbelief. “How is it even possible to function on such ludicrous levels of stupidity?”
“What?” John’s smile didn’t fade. He was growing used to Karkat’s insults.
“I can’t just ‘be a Perch,’” he quoted mockingly. Then added irately, “Even if I wanted to, which I don’t.”
“But weren’t you just saying—”
“Yes. I hate the fucking medieval caste system and the self-righteous royal asshats that force me to live down here alone in this pathetic excuse for a nest,” he paused to take a savage bite of muffin before continuing, “but that doesn’t mean I’m not a Hunter. I don’t hate that I was born a certain species. Even if I am a mutant freak.”
Thoroughly scolded, John nibbled quietly on a muffin. This conversation wasn’t going at all like he had imagined. He’d just been joking around, but obviously he’d hit a sensitive spot.
Surprisingly, it was Karkat that broke the silence: “Besides, not all Hunters are bad.”
John looked at him expectantly, urging him to continue. Karkat grunted. “My… dad. He was cool. At least, I think he was. I don’t remember him very well. But he never treated me differently.”
Noting the use of past tense, the Perch tentatively spoke up, “I thought Hunters didn’t live with their parents.”
“Not for very long, usually. Not that it matters, since he wasn’t my actual dad. I don’t know who my real parents were… or maybe still are, I guess. I was probably abandoned when my primaries grew in and everyone realized something was off.” John’s jaw dropped open in horror, but Karkat continued unfazed, “Anyway, the old limewing found me and took care of me in secret until I learned how to fend for myself. I couldn’t go out much without being seen, so I guess he took pity on me and let me stay with him well past when most parents would’ve kicked me out.”
John had a feeling like a lead weight had dropped into his stomach. “What happened to him?”
Karkat shrugged noncommittally, his face darkening a little, before returning to greedily devouring the sweets his guest had brought.
The bluewing assumed that meant he was dead, and that Karkat just didn’t want to talk about it. John could respect that. He knew firsthand what it was like to lose—No, he’s coming back. Someday.
He shook the dark thoughts from his head and watched the Hunter finish the muffins in silence, having lost his own appetite. Not that he’d planned to eat many anyway; they were for Karkat. The poor guy really did look like he was close to starvation.
After a while, John glanced at the wan light filtering through the leaves high above. It was getting close to the time when he knew the guards would be switching patrols. If he was going to take his preferred route home, he would have to leave soon.
“Hey, Karkat.”
“Mmh,” came the response from the mess of gray and red feathers sprawled on the grass.
“It’s getting late, so I need to get going. I don’t have any more muffins, but I could bring something else tomorrow. What’cha want?”
The Hunter gave him a strange look. It was somewhere between perplexed and exasperated.
“Why do you care?”
“Um, because you’re good company? Even if you are kind of an ass. Also, you were kind of starving when we first met, and it wouldn’t be neighborly of me to just leave you to die like that.”
Karkat sat up. “First of all, we’re not neighbors, idiot. Second, in my experience, most people wouldn’t give a flying fuck about some dying loser they found on the forest floor, let alone share resources with them. But I guess your unfathomable incompetence also obscures your sense of self-preservation, so I’ll let that one go.” John chuckled. “And lastly, if you just want someone to talk to, why don’t you spend time with your friends up there?” He gestured vaguely above them.
John sighed. “I don’t know.”
Karkat quirked an eyebrow at him.
“I haven’t really talked to any of my friends in a long time, besides Vriska. Everyone’s always busy. And now with the Sweep coming up…” he trailed off. “And anyway, you sell yourself short, dude. You’re fun to talk to.”
“That’s a first.” The redwing glanced upward. “But whatever, come back if you really think it’s worth risking your life.” He shifted his wings, which were now unbundled but still looking a bit ragged. “It’s not like I’m going anywhere.”
John thought for a moment. “Do you think you could keep up with me for a few hours if I flew slowly?”
Karkat blinked at him.
“I’m inviting you to my nest,” he explained. “You know, in the Understory. It must be dangerous down here at night, right? I can show you my way past the guards and you can get a proper meal.”
The Hunter was dumbfounded. “You. Barely. Fucking. Know. Me,” he enunciated slowly.
John shrugged, laughing. “It’s like I said, dude; you’re fun to talk to. And I get bored sitting around all day with nothing to do.”
Karkat shook his head firmly, glaring at the grass. “If anyone found out, you’d be banished down here, too. Or worse. Besides, I don’t need your charity.”
John rolled his eyes. “Now you’re just being stubborn and making up excuses. C’mon, Karkat. Can’t a guy invite his friend over to hang out for a while?”
“So we’re friends now?”
He seemed to consider this for a second, then shook his head again.
John threw his arms in the air. “Ugh! Do you want to come or don’t you?”
He’d expected Karkat to immediately refuse again, but he seemed to be hesitating.
Allowing himself a small smile, John walked over and put a hand on his new friend’s shoulder. “We have a saying up there: ‘Don’t look down.’ It means don’t worry about what might go wrong, or how the past could’ve been different, or any of that. Just take things as they come. So, come on, Karkat.” He touched his other hand to the Hunter’s face, “Look up for once.”
Karkat had wanted to point out that he’d heard the stupid phrase a thousand times before, dumbass, but something about the Perch’s words made the old saying take on new significance. When John’s hand brushed his cheek, he finally lifted his eyes.
John’s gaze was directed upward, toward the distant specks of evening sky. But Karkat wasn’t looking at the far-away canopy leaves, the flickers of sunlight that occasionally peeked between them. He was transfixed instead by the overwhelming blueness of John’s eyes. Maybe it was the glasses, or maybe he’d just never looked the Perch directly in the face before, but he hadn’t noticed until just then how bright their color was.
“I’ll come with you, moron.”
“Awesome! Like I said, I’ll try to keep it slow so you can keep up—no offense—and if we leave now we should get back by dark. We’ll start by going that way and keep low for a while, but then we’ll have to…”
He was already fluttering around, jabbering at a mile a minute. Karkat stood slowly and dusted himself off.
What was it about this goofy bluewing that made him seem so damn trustworthy? His generosity? His gentleness? His unwavering sincerity?
It didn’t matter.
For the first time in a long time, Karkat had looked up and seen the sky. But he was surprised to discover that the sky wasn’t found up beyond the Canopy, where the ignorant elite gathered in their oversized dwellings.
No, Karkat had found the sky reflected in the eyes of this silly blue-feathered boy.
And he didn’t want to ever lose sight of that sky again. Not for the rest of his life.

Oh look, actual JohnKat this time. <3 don’tlookattheirfacesthey’rehideous

Need another Homestuck fan-project to pass the time with during the hiatus? GO PLAY AND SUPPORT FEATHERBENT. It’s the best AU.

The. Absolute. BEST. AU.

I cheated again and wasn’t inspired by a randomly-selected song. But I HAVE been listening to the Featherbent menu screen music on loop for hours at a time pretty much every day this week. So that half-counts, I think.

Now then, are you ready for a rare and dangerous 2X JOHNKAT COMBO???

Yes? Good. Have a (very cheesy, much-longer-than-anticipated) fanfic under the cut.

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